About Us

Compensation Law Experts

vbr Lawyers is an experienced and highly regarded compensation law firm that prides itself on achieving exceptional results for our clients.

John Vandeleur, Greg Black and Sean Ryan are the owners of vbr Lawyers.

We are known for our Pay Less. Get More policy because our team are completely focused on achieving excellent results for our clients while keeping the legal costs down.

The vast majority of our clients are referred to us by our clients and other service providers and professionals. We don’t rely on very expensive advertising and marketing which are a feature of big plaintiff law firms. We offer a completely different experience for our clients.

Some of the things we do differently and better than big plaintiff firms that our clients appreciate include:-

  • We don’t apply a 25% uplift on professional costs due to acting on a “No Win – No Fee” basis. Most plaintiff firms do and particularly the big firms;
  • We apply a 30% cap on our professional costs to ensure that no matter what the outcome is, you will always receive the majority of any successful outcome;
  • We don’t have call centres;
  • The work that is done on your case will be done by a senior lawyer at all times which will ensure high quality work;
  • Our hourly rates are about 20% to 40% lower than the big plaintiff firms;
  • Because our overheads are lower than the big plaintiff firms, we can keep the costs down while still providing very high quality legal work and outcomes

We have offices located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sydney and Melbourne although we are acting for our clients in every State and Territory in Australia and also in cases overseas.