Industrial Deafness Claims

If you are suffering from hearing loss and you have been working in a noisy environment as a worker for wages in Queensland, you are entitled to recover lump sum compensation under the workers’ compensation system in Queensland.   We have experience and expertise in acting for men and women with industrial deafness and recovering substantial lump sum compensation outcomes for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial deafness is a medical condition caused by regular exposure to noise at work but can also be caused by even one particular noise exposure resulting in a loss of hearing.

Your rights and entitlements are covered by the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003.   If you feel that you have suffered a loss of hearing due to noise exposure at work, a claim for lump sum compensation is available.   The first 5% of your hearing loss is not compensable according to the legislation.   An audiology assessment [hearing test] is required.   A work history and a history of past noisy workplace environments must also be obtained.   We can attend to this for you.    You can make the claim at any time during your working life or within one year of your retirement from the workforce.

Yes.   You need to make the claim while you are a worker for wages in Queensland or during a period of temporary unemployment or within 12 months of your retirement.

Yes, but you need to submit the claim within 12 months of your retirement.

Yes. For any additional or further claim, three years must pass between claims and for any further or additional claim, you are not compensated for the first 1% of additional hearing loss.

Assuming your claim is accepted, you will be compensated by way of a lump sum payment eg. $2,000 to $6,000.00 for minor hearing loss to say $70,000.00 for major hearing loss.

Regrettably not.   The legislation does not require WorkCover or any self-insurer to pay for hearing aids which we think is most unfortunate and unfair and other States and Territories in Australia pay for hearing aids for workers with industrial deafness.   If you feel aggrieved by this, we recommend that you contact your local member of parliament and let them know you feel about this.   You will need to pay for any hearing aids from your lump sum award.

While every case is different, we will provide you with a written advice and a proposal once we have considered the particular features of your case and once we have obtained an audiology assessment which will help us determine if you have any claim at all and the likely complexity and value of the claim.   We will then propose a fixed fee which will ensure that you will retain the bulk of any lump sum you are awarded by the workers compensation insurer.

Yes.  We act for our clients on a speculative or “No Win – No Fee” basis once we have investigated and considered each case and after we have determined that the case is viable and should proceed.