This year, Queensland increased fines for using a mobile phone whilst driving to $1,000.00 in an effort to cut down on motor vehicle accidents caused as a result of phone usage.

Western Australia has only just caught up to Queensland with fines being increased to $1,000.00 from 1 July 2020.

Activities that are considered especially distracting include emailing, texting or using social media, will fall under an aggravated class of offence.

This is a positive step forward to preventing easily avoided accidents due to inattention of drivers.

From a practice perspective in Queensland, it seems too early to tell if the measures in Queensland are having any meaningful impact on preventing motor vehicle accidents.

Our firm regularly takes on claims for victims who were injured in a motor vehicle accident as a result of a driver using their mobile phone. The frustration of clients in this situation is serious. Being involved in such an accident can cause permanent injuries and have a detrimental impact on a claimant’s livelihood.

The repercussions of being injured through no fault of your own are upsetting and distressing to victims.

In the past, it would seem drivers using their mobile phones do not have the potential impact of their recklessness on others in the forefront of their minds. Hopefully, the new impact on the wallets of dangerous drivers will have a more permanent impact on preventing such accidents.

Our firm frequently take on cases of injured victims who suffer severe anxiety associated with driving after they are involved in the accident. This is particularly prevalent when the accident has been caused as a result of someone using their mobile phone. This is a source of great frustration especially because it is an incident that would have so easily been avoided had a phone not been in use.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland, it is important you seek legal advice from an experienced and reputable practitioner. vbr Lawyers are highly specialised in motor vehicle accident claims and can assist with approval of funding of your rehabilitation needs at the front end of the claim to maximise your chances of recovery, together with maximising your final award of compensation.

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