In May, the Queensland Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace spoke on the devastating impact dust related lung diseases, including silicosis and coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (black lung),  have had not only on the affected workers, but also on their families.

Ms Grace also noted that while these dust related lung diseases are considered preventable, there are limited treatment options available to those suffering from advanced forms of these diseases.

The Queensland Government stated they are committed to:

  1. Preventing dust related lung diseases;
  2. Identifying affected workers at an earlier stage;
  3. Identifying effective treatment options for affected workers.

Ms Grace also noted this announcement builds upon the State Government’s established recent reforms to protect the health and safety of Queensland workers, particularly those in the coal mining and engineered stone benchtop industries.

Many consider this announcement and promise of further investment severely overdue given the silicosis epidemic prevalent in South-East Queensland, which was highly publicised throughout 2018 and 2019. However, the fact remains that the allocation of these funds will hopefully assist in the early detection and treatment of dust related lung injuries to ensure history does not repeat itself.

The widespread changes that have swept through the engineered benchtop industry and the amended legislative workplace exposure standards for silica in Queensland were enacted with one primary goal, to protect the health and livelihood of Queensland workers.

Another vital element of the State Government’s proposed allocation of funds is to ensure the improvement of workers’ compensation and support for injured Queenslander’s suffering from dust related lung diseases.

These promises to provide greater support and assistance to those affected workers whose lives have been turned upside down, will hopefully assist to alleviate some of the financial burden that falls on these workers and their families during what is for most, the toughest period in their life.

The State Government’s recognition of the requirement to invest funds towards the prevention and treatment of dust related lung diseases is a pleasing development that is well overdue.

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