You will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance if you are injured during the course of your employment in Queensland.

The main workers’ compensation insurer in Queensland is WorkCover Queensland. However, some employers are also self-insured.

If you suffer an injury or illness during the course of your employment it is important that you consider the following important points:-

1. You should seek immediate medical attention.

2. If physically able, let your employer know about the incident and your requirement for medical attention. It is important you notify your employer of any injury as soon as possible.

3. You are not required to sign any statement or incident report while in pain or in need of medical attention. In these circumstances, let your employer know that you will contact them to discuss the incident once you have received all appropriate medical attention.

4. Ensure your treating medical provider is aware of all injuries and let them know the injuries occurred during the course of your employment.

5. Obtain a completed workers’ compensation medical certificate from your treating medical provider which contains the details of all injuries and the medical and rehabilitation treatment you now require.

6. Lodge an application for compensation with WorkCover Queensland either over the phone (1300 362 128) or online (

7. Let your employer know about the workers’ compensation claim and provide them with a copy of the workers’ compensation medical certificate.

8. Provide an accurate recollection of the work event when discussing the incident with your employer and the insurer. Keep your responses to any questions succinct and honest.

9. The workers’ compensation claim should be lodged as soon as possible. There is a six (6) month limitation period to lodge a statutory workers’ compensation claim in Queensland.

10. Obtain legal advice to ensure all of your statutory entitlements are protected and to discuss whether you have any additional common law entitlements available to you.

11. Common law entitlements in Queensland are generally more valuable to an injured worker and must be lodged within three (3) years of the date of injury.

12. Do not make any decision in relation to the Notice of Assessment, a document issued once your injuries have stabilised specifying your degree of permanent impairment and providing an offer of lump sum compensation, until you have obtained legal advice.

13. Your decision in relation to the Notice of Assessment can extinguish valuable common law rights in the event your permanent impairment is assessed as less than 20%.

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