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5 Fast Facts – Coal Worker’s Black Lung Disease

Here are 5 fast facts about Coal Worker’s Black Lung Disease:

  1. Black lung is a chronic, irreversible occupational lung disease caused by the inhalation and deposition of coal dust in the lungs. It is part of a spectrum of respiratory diseases caused by coal dust and is known more formally as coal worker’s pneumoconiosis
  2. Symptoms can include shortness of breath and chronic cough. It is possible, especially where exposure to coal dust has been particularly intense and protracted, for the condition to progress to a more severe form known as progressive massive fibrosis;
  3. There is no specific treatment for either simple coal worker’s pneumoconiosis or progressive massive fibrosis.
  4. As black lung cannot be cured, the only way to control it is through preventing exposure to coal dust. The strict application of engineering controls such as dust suppression combined with ventilation systems in all mining operations is necessary to limit exposure to respirable coal dust to levels below recognised occupational exposure standards.
  5. If you have been diagnosed with black lung or if you have a history of working as a coal miner with some or all of these symptoms, valuable dust disease compensation is available to assist with your medical expenses, rehabilitation and loss of wages.

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