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We’re a little bit different.

About vbr Lawyers

vbr Lawyers is a team of compensation lawyers who have your back. We’re big on getting you the compensation you deserve. We’re a little bit different — the opposite of the big law firms.

vbr Lawyers is a firm that set out to be a little bit different.

vbr Lawyers was founded back in 2017 by Greg Black, Sean Ryan, and John Vandeleur. The trio had previously worked together at a larger compensation firm. They each worked as partners in the firm and found themselves overseeing a few offices — it’s where they realised that bigger did not always equal better. It’s where the idea for vbr Lawyers started.

We’re intentionally smaller. To offer you better.

With each of our owners managing a small to medium team, we have fewer offices to manage, lower overheads, and more time, attention, and resources to offer our clients.

Despite being smaller, our teams are vastly experienced. With an intentional approach to business, we hire with knowledge and experience in mind. It means we have experienced lawyers running all of our claims — not paralegals or juniors.

We set out to offer better service, lower fees & bigger wins.

This is everything we wanted our firm to do. We wanted to create an experience for our clients that was supportive and simple that would help demystify the compensation process. More importantly, we wanted to put more money back into the pockets of our clients, which should be the main aim of any compensation law firm. 

So it’s important to us that we win a bigger compensation claim for you and that we keep our fees low, so the outcome of the claim can provide you with a genuine opportunity to move forward with your life.

Better balance for our lawyers means better outcomes for you.

Another aspect of our firm’s structure is creating a family-friendly model for our lawyers. We didn’t want to create that classic law firm culture where partners are constantly travelling and missing their families. We’ve developed a firm where there’s enough balance for our lawyers to see their families and create a healthy work-life balance.

This directly benefits you, too. It means your lawyer has the time and space to produce really high-quality work that directly supports you and your claim.

The vbr vision was a firm where our directors could oversee the quality of our cases and claims.

We set out to create a firm that was the right size. By maintaining a small to medium-sized team, we can keep a clear view across our team.

This — paired with thoughtful hiring decisions and quality professional development in our team — means our clients always receive an amazing level of service.

Our mission? That’s to continue winning quality outcomes and bigger claims for those who need it most.

Our mission is something we keep in mind every day. It’s not just a headline on our website. It’s what our team works towards daily — in every claim we run and every client we support.

It’s our company values that help our team achieve this.

Our company values are principles ingrained in our people. We live these values every single day.

A thorough approach

Some firms churn and burn through claims. It’s an approach called ‘settle low and bring in the dough’. We take a more thorough approach. It means our claims are considered, hold more weight and evidence, and typically win bigger payouts.

Offer compassionate support

Our clients are often experiencing the worst period of their lives. It’s so important for our team to take a compassionate approach and provide support that’s based in care and empathy for your circumstances.

Think beyond profit

Compensation lawyers get a bad rap for being focused on money and profit. It means a lot to us that we go against the grain here. We don’t want to be greedy — we want to make sure it’s our clients who benefit the most from the claims we win for them.

Care about clients & their families

Compensation claims generally come with high levels of stress, anxiety, and in some circumstances, trauma. It’s an experience that can affect our clients and their families. Our lawyers care about you and your family.

Work with integrity

Integrity is important in compensation law. To us, it means maintaining strong morals in all kinds of claims, relations, and processes. It means being transparent with all parties and winning your claim in a way that is fair.

Meet our people

Greg Black


Greg is one of the founding directors of vbr Lawyers…

Sean Ryan


Sean oversees our Gold Coast office.  He has practised in…

John Vandeleur


John has practised in the area of compensation law for…

Michael Schaefer

Special Counsel

Michael is one of Victoria’s most eminent compensation lawyers. He…

Leesa Black

Chief Financial Officer

Leesa has degrees in Law and Commerce as well as…

Zach Samuels

Senior Associate

Since his admission as a solicitor of the Supreme Court…

Beth De Laurence

Senior Associate

Beth has been working in the area of compensation law…

Ray Cayamanda


Ray is an Associate who works in the Brisbane office….

We’re an award-winning firm

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vbr Lawyers in the community

vbr Lawyers is proud of our work in the community.

Our locations

The vbr Lawyers team has offices along the east coast of Australia. With lawyers who are highly experienced in dust disease cases in particular, we can travel all over Australia to represent you in your silicosis or asbestosis claim.


vbr Lawyers has offices in Brisbane, Corinda (Brisbane’s West), Gold Coast, Robina and Ipswich. Our Queensland compensation lawyers can help you with these matters.

New South Wales

With an office in Sydney and a team that can travel to meet you where you are, our New South Wales team handles dust disease claims for matters like asbestos diseases and silica diseases.


We have an office in Melbourne and a team of compensation lawyers who can travel to meet you, our Victoria team handles dust disease claims for matters like asbestos diseases and silica diseases.

Our No Win, No Fee Policy

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At vbr Lawyers, making legal representation accessible to everyone is so important to us. We offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ fee structure. It means you don’t have to pay a cent unless your claim is successful. Then if it is successful, you’ll only have to pay us back for the expenses incurred and our legal representation fees. The Legal Profession Act specifies that law firms must cap their fees at 50% of your final claim — we cap our fees at 30% to put more back in your pocket.

Low fees, guaranteed

As well as our No Win, No Fee structure, we commit to keeping our fees low. We do this by keeping our fees 20% to 40% lower than our competitors, not charging an uplift, capping the percentage of our claim at 30% of your total claim, and generally working with an ethos of keeping fees low.

Our lawyers have your back. Let’s talk about your claim.

Make vbr Lawyers your partner through your compensation claim. A multi-award-winning firm with a stellar reputation, our lawyers have your back.

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