No Win, No Fee

No Win, No Fee takes the risk out of your claim.

No Win, No Fee

vbr Lawyers is here to get you the compensation you deserve. We know compensation claims and the circumstances behind them are stressful enough. That’s why we work on a No Win, No Fee model.

What does ‘No Win, No Fee’ mean?

No Win, No Fee is a payment structure that means you don’t pay for our legal services until we win. So, if we don’t win your claim or case, then you don’t pay us at all. If we do win your claim, then you pay once you have received that compensation.

The idea of No Win, No Fee is that people who are seeking compensation for injury, illness, or events are typically under a lot of stress as it is. And that includes financial stress. This payment structure allows us to empower you to seek the compensation you deserve without the additional financial burden.

How does ‘No Win, No Fee’ work?

You’ll still partner with a senior lawyer from the start of your claim to its completion. You just won’t pay any fees upfront.

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Your total fee amount is capped at 30% of your claim (excluding refunds & expenses). Many firms charge up to 50% of your claim, and this is allowed by Legal Profession regulations.

We pay all associated fees and expenses that are necessary as part of your claim and we don’t charge interest on these fees. 

We don’t charge uplift on any of our cases either — this is where firms charge an additional fee for ‘risky’ cases, where the lawyer isn’t confident that the claim will demand a payout. We’ll expand on this a little further down the page.

Even though you’re not paying us upfront, we still work hard to maintain low fees so that the final amount you pay is low enough that your compensation claim makes a real difference in your life.

Will I get bill shock if I do win?

No. We’ll always be transparent with you about the fees associated with your claim and how we will charge once your claim is won. We don’t want your successful compensation claim to be tainted by bill shock.

Not only do we work to keep our fees low, but we cap our final invoice to you at 30% of your compensation claim, excluding refunds and expenses. The legal maximum we can charge is 50% but we feel that a maximum of 30% is appropriate. This way, you can be sure that you’ll receive the majority of your claim’s outcome.

Importantly, we’re really big on charging you ethically. While 30% is the maximum we’ll charge, if you do secure a really large payout, we won’t take the full 30% of your win. We take what we need to cover our professional services, but we don’t get greedy.

We’re a little different.

We really care about your compensation claim and its ability to make a difference in your life.

We want you to pay less and get more

With a personal approach and a team of lawyers who put in the time and effort to win you more, vbr Lawyers is a little bit different. Our hourly rates are 20 to 40% lower than the big firms, and we maintain lower overhead fees.

It means we charge you less but work harder and smarter to win you more. A win-win.

Let’s talk about uplift

Uplift is a charge that some firms will apply to a case that’s considered risky. Sometimes, if a lawyer isn’t totally confident in the strength of the claim and the ability to win compensation, they might apply an uplift. The Legal Profession Act allows compensation lawyers to apply an uplift of up to 25%. However, that maximum of 25% should only be applied if the case is extremely risky. Many firms will charge this maximum amount no matter how risky the claim is, but we firmly believe that is wrong.

At vbr Lawyers, we never charge an uplift fee.

We don’t charge interest on fees

Throughout your compensation claim, there will be fees that need to be paid. These fees come with seeking evidence and professional opinions. The big firms will pay these through a third-party fund. Then, when your claim is won, you have to pay an amount of ‘interest’ on these fees.

We just pay these fees out of our own pockets, and you pay us back, without the interest.

Our lawyers have your back. Let’s talk about your claim.

Make vbr Lawyers your partner through your compensation claim. A multi-award-winning firm with a stellar reputation, our lawyers have your back.

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