Our Low Fees

Learn more about our low fee model.

Our Low Fees

We’re here to get you the compensation you deserve, and a big part of that is making sure our fees stay low throughout your claim.

Our model is designed around charging you less and winning you more

It’s important to us that you win more from your claim than our lawyers pocket in fees. After all, you’ve found yourself in the kind of circumstances that call for compensation, so it’s important to us that you get the funds to get your life back on track.

Here’s how we charge less

Our hourly rates are 20 to 40% lower than the big firms, we don’t charge uplift (an additional charge for risky claims), and we cap our legal fees (excluding refunds and expenses) at 30% of your claim (legally, we can charge up to 50%). If we win a really large sum of money for you, we’ll only take what we need to cover our professional services — not the full 30%.

Here’s how we win more

This is all in the approach. Big firms scramble to get as many claims through their doors as possible. We’re not like that. We take a slow, steady approach, taking the extra time to collate the right evidence and information to claim more. It’s how we get you the compensation you deserve.

Our 'No Win, No Fee' Policy

We work on a No Win, No Fee basis. It means you don’t pay a cent until we win your claim. And in the extraordinary case that we don’t win? Then you don’t pay. We know there are a lot of questions when it comes to this payment structure, head to the No Win, No Fee page to learn more about it.

Our lawyers have your back. Let’s talk about your claim.

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