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Our Robina compensation lawyers are located just 15 minutes south of Gold Coast’s CBD. Our Robina team are experienced across road accident claims, workers compensation claims, disease claims, abuse claims, and Total and Permanent Disability Claims.

Compensation lawyers Robina: Getting to our office

Our office is located in Robina, just 15 minutes south of the city centre. With on-site parking and a bus stop just a five-minute walk away, making your way to our Robina office is simple.

Working Hours

Our areas of compensation law.

Here are the areas of compensation law our Robina lawyers are experienced in.

  • Whiplash Injuries
  • Road Accident Injuries
  • Work Accident Injuries
  • Silica Diseases
  • Asbestos Diseases
  • Public Place Injuries
  • Industrial Deafness
  • Institutional Abuse
  • Superannuation Insurance

Getting to our Robina office

You can check out the map below to find our Robina office.
If you have any trouble finding the office, feel free to give our team a call, and we’ll help you find us.

Recommended Parking

You can access undercover parking both in front of and beneath our office building. The entrance is accessible via Riverwalk Avenue.


Varsity Lakes station is the closest station to our Robina firm, you’ll need to take a bus from there to reach the office.


You can take bus routes 747, 750 or 760.  The bus stop is a 450-metre, 5-minute walk from our office.

Our Robina compensation lawyers have your back in a range of compensation claims. Here are the areas of personal injury law we work in.

Road Accident Claims

These are injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents where you were not at fault as a motorist, passenger, cyclist, or pedestrian.

Work Accident Claims

Injuries that result from accidents in the workplace or workplace-related injuries.

Silica diseases

Compensation claims for illnesses related to silica dust exposure and subsequent silica-related diseases like silicosis.

Whiplash Claims

Compensation for whiplash-related injuries following a car accident.

Asbestos Disease Claims

Compensation for asbestos-related illnesses like Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, lung cancer, and Asbestos Related Pleural Disease.

Public Place Injury Claims

Injuries that happen in public spaces, like a shopping centre, a business that’s open to the public, or on someone else’s property.

Industrial Deafness Claims

Compensation for industrial deafness and work-induced hearing loss.

Institutional Abuse Claims

Compensation for abuse that occurs in institutions like schools or churches.

Super Insurance Claims

Assistance with Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claims.

Our People

Sean Ryan


Sean oversees our Gold Coast office.  He has practised in…

Leesa Black

Chief Financial Officer

Leesa has degrees in Law and Commerce as well as…

Beth De Laurence

Senior Associate

Beth has been working in the area of compensation law…

Caitlin De Graaf


Caitlin is a solicitor in our Gold Coast office handling…

We’re proud of our 5 star reviews

The personal injury claim process

vbr Lawyers is a team of Robina compensation lawyers who are a little bit different. We’ve built a reputation for winning bigger claims and charging less.

Talk with a lawyer

The first step is an initial chat with one of our compensation lawyers. These conversations generally take around 30 minutes (but there’s no time limit). This is where we learn all about your claim and what you’ve done so far.

Get a letter of advice

After that initial conversation, we’ll send you a letter of advice. We aim to send these out within three days of that initial chat, and the letter will offer you specific advice that’s written in a way that’s really easy to understand. If you haven’t already, we recommend seeking medical advice and keeping a record of your medical expenses.

Start the process

As soon as you confirm you’re ready to start, one of our personal injury lawyers will get the ball rolling. Your claim will always start with us notifying the relevant parties and hitting the ground running by collecting all the necessary information and evidence.

When you partner with vbr Lawyers, you’ll get a personal injury lawyer who’s a little bit different.

At vbr Lawyers, we’re proud to say we’re a bit different.

Win more for less

We work to get you a bigger compensation claim and charge lower legal fees. So you take more home.

No win, no fee

We want to take the risk out of your claim. We won’t charge you until we’ve won your claim.

Always deal with a senior lawyer

You won’t be dealing with a junior lawyer or a paralegal. You’ll be partnered with one of our experienced compensation lawyers.

Work with an award-winning firm

We’re award-winning. You’ll see why our lawyers are so highly rated when you team up with our Robina law firm.

A compassionate approach

Personal injury claims are overwhelming enough. Our lawyers are compassionate throughout your claim.

The opposite of the big firms

We’re different to the big firms. You’ll notice the difference in our personal approach.

It’s No Win, No Fee

With a No Win, No Fee policy, you don’t have to pay our legal fees until we win your compensation claim. We know there’s a lot of financial pressure throughout the process of claiming compensation — whether it’s medical expenses or time off work. So, we don’t add to that already stressful period of your life. We’ll represent you throughout your claim process, and then when we win, we’ll take a portion of your claim. If we don’t win, then you don’t owe us a cent.

It’s our No Win, No Fee policy that allows our clients to seek compensation for illness, injury, or traumatic life experiences without that added financial stress. Seek compensation without the financial burden.

Our low fee model

We want you to take home the majority of your compensation claim. So, we work on a low fee model. If you’ve had an experience worthy of compensation, then you should be able to use that compensation to get your life back on track… Not just to repay your lawyer.

We charge less

Our personal injury lawyers charge legal fees that are 20 to 40% lower than what the big firms charge. As well as that, we don’t charge an uplift fee (an additional charge for risky claims). We take no more than 30% of your claim (legally, we can charge up to 50% of your claim). If you do win a larger claim, then we won’t just take the full 30%. We’ll still only take what we need to cover our professional fees.

And we win more

With compensation lawyers who work hard to win your compensation claim, we’ve developed strategies that mean our clients take home bigger claims. Bigger firms tend to settle claims low to get more and more clients through the door. This rushing means they don’t get all the necessary evidence or wait for your injuries to settle and as a result, they can’t claim as much. We take the opposite approach. We invest the extra time to get all the right evidence and materials to help you claim more.

After all, we want you to get a compensation package that actually compensates you for your injuries.

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