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Great Outcome For Mesothelioma Patient

VBR Lawyers proudly stand by Mr Denis Williams who received an exceptional result in the Dust Diseases Tribunal of NSW in relation to his mesothelioma.

This resounding result for Mr Williams is a reflection of the pain and suffering he has had to endure as a result of his mesothelioma. The Dust Diseases Tribunal outcome also acknowledges the dedication Denis has to his family and his lifelong devotion to providing for his wife, his sons and his grandchildren. In his determination, Judge Scotting eloquently summarised this in stating:

“This case is a joyous reminder of the importance of the family unit and how strong it can be with the right kind of leader. The Plaintiff has lived for his family and strived to provide for them financially and emotionally. He has enjoyed a loving marriage with Angela for just over 50 years. He has raised three thriving children and supported their families. He has invested time and money in ensuring the financial success of his sons. He has provided his grandchildren with the love and support because he and Angela have enjoyed playing a significant part in their lives. He has every right to be a proud family man and to be very proud of his family.”Judge Scotting then went on to make a substantial award of damages (which included the highest award of general damages for pain and suffering in a mesothelioma case that he has ever made in his time on the bench) ordering James Hardie to pay Mr Williams $709,613.00 in recognition of the devastating impact of his mesothelioma on his life, including his inability to continue caring for his grandchildren and working in the family business.Sean Ryan and Zach Samuels of vbr Lawyers are pleased to have acted for Denis and his family to achieve this outcome.

Sean is proud to be a lawyer for everyday people no matter what their issue. He has practised in compensation law for all his legal career and he has a superb track record of achieving outstanding results for his clients.
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Zach has represented many clients throughout Queensland, interstate and overseas and has successfully negotiated many significant and complex cases and has extensive experience in various types of compensation claims.

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