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Income Protection and Disability Insurance or TPD Claims via Your Super Fund

Almost every working Australian has employer funded super which is a great thing. What many workers don’t know is that they have been paying insurance premiums through their super fund or funds for many years for income protection and also disability insurance. Most but not all working Australians have some form of income protection or disability insurance attached to their super fund. We have acted for hundreds of people who have been unable to work due to illness or injury who have made claims on their super funds for income protection and/or disability insurance or TPD (total and permanent disablement) claims. For some of our clients they have been able to successfully claim income protection and also a TPD claim or even multiple TPD claims if they have multiple super funds. We are able to trace all of our clients super funds via the Australian Taxation Office if you have worked for multiple employers and have lost track of some of your old or past super funds. A total and permanent disablement claim via your super fund does not mean that you will never be able to work again. TPD does = never work again. Under most policies, TPD means that due to your illness or injury you are unable to return to any of your old jobs or types or modes of employment that you were able to do prior to your illness or injury. For our clients, we offer a complimentary or free case assessment. We do all of the necessary investigations to work out what cover you have or don’t have and then provide you with a proper written advice and a proposal if we feel we can assist you. When we offer to act for our clients regarding these claims, we always offer our services on a speculative or “No Win – No Fee” basis and we always offer our clients a very reasonable fixed fee client agreement which we know is about 20% to 40% lower than our competitors. If and only if your claim is successful, the legal fees will be paid at the end of claim and from the proceeds of your successful claim.

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