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Modern times no time for complacency about workplace health and safety

Workplace health and safety: Recent decades have seen a gradual decline in workplace death consistent with modern work practices and improved attitudes to safety, but workplace deaths remain an all too common blight on Australian workplaces. As Safework notes, 51 work related deaths have already occurred in Australia in calendar year 2017 – at least 3 deaths every week for the year so far. See: Which is to say nothing of the many serious injuries that have occurred over the same period. These figures are a harsh reminder that workplace safety will not continue to improve simply because we become more modernised. Better workplace health and safety can only be achieved through a dedicated, consistent effort that is always on the lookout for ways enhanced safety practices can be implemented within productive workplaces. It’s a task for every day, but especially on this Labour day, we recognise those who strive to improve safety at work for all of us. If you have been injured at work, you may lodge a claim for workers compensation. Contact VBR Lawyers for No win No fee free case assessment.

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