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Psychological impacts of Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is common for those involved in a motor vehicle accident – in which they were not at fault – to be all consumed by the damage their vehicle sustained and their initial physical injuries. While most injured claimants are proactive in seeking any necessary medical treatment for physical injuries, the psychological impacts of the motor vehicle accident are often overlooked.

While every psychological injury is unique, victims of motor vehicle accidents may experience anxiety when driving, disturbed sleep or flashbacks.

Unlike physical injuries, the impacts of psychological injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident may only be recognised days, weeks, or even months after the accident. Nevertheless, these impacts should not be underestimated given they can bear an equal or greater effect on a person’s life than any physical injuries. In this regard, it is common for accident-related psychological injuries to have significant impacts on an injured party’s mood, relationships, work and social life.

If motor vehicle accident victims experience psychological trauma from the accident, it is essential that these injuries are included in their CTP claim. The first thing a claimant should do is attend their general practitioner as soon as they observe or detect symptoms so that any appropriate treatment can be undertaken. Funding of any medical and rehabilitation expenses should be sought from the CTP insurer once a claim form has been accepted.

Once all treatment and rehabilitation has been finalised and the psychological injury is considered to be stable and stationary, a medico-legal report may be required from an experienced psychiatrist. This report would seek to assess the level of permanent impairment sustained from the psychological injury and to outline any ongoing impacts of the injury on the claimant’s work and daily activities. This evidence assists to ensure the psychological impacts of the motor vehicle accident have been objectively identified so that appropriate compensation can be sought for the claimant.

It is highly recommended that claimants seek legal advice if any physical or psychological injuries are sustained in a motor vehicle accident to ensure their rights are protected. It is imperative that injured people act promptly to ensure compliance with legislative time limits which exist in personal injury law.

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