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5 Fast Facts: Asbestos Disease Compensation

Here are 5 fast facts about Asbestos Disease Compensation:

  1. Not all ASBESTOS DISEASES are cancerous. There are asbestos related cancers (eg. MESOTHELIOMA and lung cancer) and other conditions like ASBESTOSIS and pleural plaques that are benign but can still cause symptoms such as SHORTNESS OF BREATH and CHEST PAIN. Any of these asbestos related conditions can attract COMPENSATION.
  2. MESOTHELIOMA can be caused by only LIGHT asbestos exposure, although the RISK increases with heavier exposure. All other types of asbestos disease usually require heavy and protracted exposure to asbestos.
  3. Where asbestos disease is caused by asbestos exposure at WORK, compensation will be available through WORKCOVER QUEENSLAND even if the employer has long ceased to exist. If you were not exposed to asbestos at work, you can still make a successful work injury claim against the MANUFACTURER of the asbestos products such as JAMES HARDIE or Wunderlich. Procedures are available to resolve these claims QUICKLY – even within several weeks if required.
  4. Usually asbestos disease arises MANY YEARS, and often at least 20 years, after the initial exposure. Fortunately the compensation system recognises this. So a WorkCover claim must be lodged within 6 MONTHS but this will only commence on the date of DIAGNOSIS of the condition. Time limits for non-work claims have been REMOVED COMPLETELY.
  5. JOHN VANDELEUR, GREG BLACK and SEAN RYAN from vbr LAWYERS provide a FREE initial investigation and advice regarding your rights and options if you have been diagnosed with any form of asbestos related disease including their 30% FEE CAP on professional costs, acting on a ‘NO WIN-NO FEE’ basis, and they are EXPERTS in this area of personal injury law
John has practised in the area of compensation law for over 25 years. He has extensive experience across all types of claims for clients from all walks of life. John is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist.
Greg is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading compensation law experts. Greg has a very healthy practice and enjoys providing his clients with superior personal service in every case. Greg is absolutely committed to achieving the best settlement outcomes for his clients while keeping the legal costs down.

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