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Liam Wilson’s super impressive second round knock-out win over WBO world number 6 – Joe Noynay

vbr Lawyers are proud sponsors of Liam Wilson who last night achieved a very impressive second round knock-out victory over WBO world number 6 ranked Joe Noynay from the Philippines.

The background to this victory is worthy of explanation.

On 7 July 2021, Liam fought Noynay and lost by way of TKO in the fifth round.  The fight was for the WBO Asia Pacific Super Feather Title.  Noynay who is known as ‘the jaw breaker’ is a top 10 WBO world class fighter.  The fight was a serious step-up in quality and class of fighter for Liam.  It wasn’t Liam night but Liam learned a great deal from the loss.  Liam wanted a rematch and an opportunity for redemption.  Liam’s promotors, No Limit Boxing, were able to secure the rematch for Liam which took place last night at Nissan Arena in Brisbane.

In the lead up to the fight, Noynay weighed in almost 4 kgs heaver the Liam and failed to make the fight weight and by about 2kg.  Liam wanted the rematch so badly, he agreed to fight Noynay despite the significant weight advantage.  Many were concerned regarding the weight issue but Liam’s steely resolve and self-belief convinced him to keep going and to proceed with the fight.

The floods in Brisbane caused the fight to be delayed by 24 hours and a change of venue.  While the disruption affects both boxers and their support teams, Liam remained fully and absolutely committed to challenge.

There was plenty on the line for Liam because another loss to Noynay would have undoubtedly been a set-back for his career.   Liam absorbed all this pressure while also being a very devoted husband and father of two young children.  He trained and worked extremely hard with his trainer, Benny Harrington from All Star Boxing and Chris Evers.

With about 50 seconds to go in the second round, Liam delivered a damaging right/left combination which dropped Noynay and then Liam came in and hit Noynay with a knock-out blow which ended the fight.

In the immediate post-fight interview, Liam was all class and, as always, was very gracious and humble with his victory.  Liam now continues on his journey for what he is really chasing which is a world title shot.

vbr Lawyers congratulate Liam and his team for this incredibly impressive victory over Noynay and we look forward to continuing our support and relationship with Liam.

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